Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

Our team consists of Property Professionals who specialise in Residential Property within the Ryde, Gladesville & Surrounding Suburbs. In addition to providing the 3 key Real Estate Agency Services being Transactions, Leasing & Property Management, our team are also capable of providing Real Estate Advisory on a professional level unmatched by other Real Estate Agencies within the locality.

Scenarios where our Real Estate Advisory can benefit you whilst you are looking to sell your property, purchase a property or lease a property includes:

-Potential Development Site; our team can advise you on the subject property’s “highest and best use”, meaning what the property’s current use means for you and what the property’s potential could mean for you.

-Capitalising on your current Property; our team can advise you on what your current Property’s Market Value is. Subject the adopted Market Value, we can determine whether your asset could potentially be disposed of in order to acquire a new property where further investment gain can be seen.

-Return on Investment; For purchasers it can be a daunting course of time whilst trying to acquire the right type of property, at the right purchase price and leasing it with the right lease agreement in order to meet investment targets. Our team can assist you in the purchasing process.

-Tenants; Our team can assess your rental position and determine a suitable property which meets your needs.

Real Estate Advisory is extremely broad within the residential property sector, the above scenarios are common scenarios and we note that there are so many more scenarios out there whereby sellers, purchasers and tenants require professional input and advice on. You can count on Streamlined Property Solutions in delivering professional Real Estate Advisory services, if you are in a situation which requires advice do not hesitate to contact our team.